What British Muslims Really Really Think (No, Seriously)

As a Muslim residing in Britain for the last 5 years, while admittedly not British, I have become accustomed to the way that Muslims are portrayed in the mainstream media, often just rolling my eyes at the latest exaggerated headline designed to further marginalise the majority.  I tuned into the C4 airing of “What British Muslims Really Think” last night with low expectations; but found myself completely horrified at the picture that was painted, questioning if the sole purpose of the documentary (and I use that term lightly) was to further fuel Islamaphobia and create panic in the minds of ordinary Britons.

That only a small subset of British Muslims with right wing views were used as the sample to represent all three million Muslims in Britain, should have come as no surprise to me. The show obviously had everyone tweeting up a storm under the hashtag What British Muslims Really Think from the obvious racist slurs to the punny comebacks from ordinary British Muslims, who like me, felt that the documentary did not represent their views. My roundup of the best tweets I came across from the hashtag show that British Muslims are just regular people, trying to get with their lives, often with the same thoughts as everyone else with some of the tweets lightheartedly highlighting the struggles of being a Muslim in western society.

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I joined in on the hashtag and tweeted some of my own struggles of being a Muslim in modern day Britain, surrounded by non-Muslims who often are just curious about our faith, though sometimes not very tolerant.

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See, British Muslims are just regular people responding to anti-Islamic rhetoric as anyone else would… by taking our views to Twitter.

If you joined in on the twitter conversation or have watched the documentary, drop us a tweet @muslimbydesign and let us know your views.


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