Run up to Ramadan

With Ramadan upon us in a few short days, I have been reflecting on how best to gain the most out of the month. Every year I start with the best of intentions and find that it’s easy to get sidetracked and caught up in the day to day admin of life. I have realised that with busy and sometimes unpredictable days, the only way to have any chance of achieving my goals is to plan ahead and stick to the plan as far as possible.

After a little digging, I have come across some great resources that focus on planning for ibaadah and simplifying the mundane tasks that must be done like preparing meals for suhoor and iftar.

I have complied a list of my favourite resources that I will be relying on this Ramadan. The best part is that all the resources shared below are free and instant downloads so you can get planning straight away.

Ramadan Planner from Everything Nisa

A simple and beautifully designed ten page planner that covers everything from goal setting, dua and sadaqah lists to an inspiration list for the days when the fasting takes its toll on your body and you are feeling low.

My favourite feature is that is that the planner is divided into three sections for the each of the ten nights of Ramadan. This means that you can plan your goals and break them down into achievable action steps for each third of the month. I also love the page headed “it’s a blessed day” ¬†which has an area to pen down your favourite verses from the Quran and a section titled “alhamdulillah for” where you can write down the things you are feeling grateful for.

Pre Ramadan Game Plan for Busy Mums From And Then She Said 

As a new mum, I can really appreciate that getting ahead of the game is sometimes the only way to actually achieve anything.

This printable simplifies the never ending to-do list all mums have floating around in their heads. It covers housekeeping and Eid preparations. Mums will no doubt appreciate having a list of activities for kids to turn to on the days that feel never ending and there is a handy area to list your spiritual goals to keep yourself on track in Ramadan.

A single page, it is a handy checklist that can be stuck up on your fridge or above your desk for easy reference throughout the month.

Ramadan Mubarak stickers from Quote Lovin’

A sticker featuring a beautiful floral print which is the perfect way to stylishly finish off those Ramadan gifts for family and friends. We love it because its trendy and can be downloaded in under a minute. All you need to do is print onto vinyl sticker sheets, cut and stick onto a gift and you’re ready to wish someone a blessed Ramadan.

All these downloads are free; however they do require subscription to a newsletter before you are able to access the links.

Happy planning! If you haven’t started planning yet, it’s time to get your (halal) ducks in a row. Be sure to share any great resources or tips that you will be using this Ramadan.

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