The art of gift giving

The Art of Gift Giving – There’s more to giving a gift than simply buying an item, tossing it into a gift bag and handing it over to the recipient.

Everyone loves receiving presents. Let’s be honest, even those of us who claim not to want anything for our birthdays are thrilled to open up a gift hand picked especially for us. We all want to to give a great gift that is bound to put a smile on that special someone’s face.

With Eid ul Adha just a few short weeks away, I’m sharing my top tips for making sure everyone you gift will be delighted to open their presents.

Think outside the box

It’s easy to go for the obvious… Socks and old spice, a new perfume, a popular book. Unless you know the recipient is a huge Manchester United fan who can’t wait to get their hands on a copy of Paul Scholes’ autobiography, go for something a little more unconventional.

Gift an experience

Research has shown that people derive more happiness from spending money on experiences rather than physical objects. I think the same applies when giving a gift – a jumper will lose it’s appeal after a season or two but giving someone an experience is a memory they are likely to treasure for years to come.

The great thing about gifting an experience is that you are only limited by your own creativity. Think about the recipient’s hobbies and interests for inspiration. Instead of buying a chocolate lover a box of Belgian chocolates, a class to make their own chocolate would be much more interesting. A budding golf enthusiast would probably appreciate the chance to stimulate playing golf. Know someone who loves travelling? A weekend away to somewhere on their travel wish list is sure to be well received.

Red letter days is a good place to start as it has a wide range of experiences to suit different interests and budgets.

Give something homemade

Nothing screams thoughtfulness more than taking the time to make something especially for the recipient. This is a good opportunity to do something you love, turn into a special gift and not break the bank. If you’re a brilliant baker, gift your signature cake presented beautifully and attach a handwritten note to share the recipe. You will be remembered every time the recipient uses your recipe. Have a knack for making jewellery? A handmade bracelet will make the recipient’s day and they will think of you each time they wear it.

It’s a wrap

Presentation is everything

After you have invested time and effort into finding a great gift, resist the temptation to recycle an old gift bag you’ve found lying under your bed. A gift that is well presented, beautifully wrapped up with a complimentary bow, and of course, the perfect greeting card to finish it all off, shows that you have gone the extra mile to make sure the recipient will be blown away. Search the Internet for ideas on current trends and colours and avoid using the bulk wrapping paper your mum has had stashed away since 1999.

Delivery is paramount

Instead of just handing over a gift, consider adding a special touch by delivering it in a creative way. The key element here is surprise… You could have it waiting in the hallway when the recipient arrives home after a long day at work, sneak it into their handbag over lunch or go big and get friends involved it making it a special surprise.

Personalise it

If you must go for something conventional, a personal favourite is to select a gift that can be customised. A wristwatch with a sentimental engraving at the back is so much more than just a wristwatch. I favour online stores that allow customisation at the time of placing an order so it’s ready to be gifted once it arrives.

Check out notonthehighstreet and personalised gift shop for some great personalised gift options.

It’s the thought

This one sounds a bit cliche but I do believe it to be true. Think of your closest family and friends – each of them will appreciate a gift that you have taken the time and effort to give. More often than not, all people really want is to be appreciated and remembered when they are celebrating a milestone or something big has happened. Give a gift with sincerity and you can’t go wrong.

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