In the flesh at The Winter Walk

This past Saturday we stepped into new territory and held our very first stall at an expo. As an online company, we thought the Winter Walk hosted by the Muslim Women Expo would be a great chance to showcase our range to an audience in the flesh and conduct a bit of market research. The event, described as a winter fashion show for select designers and traders, promised to be a big hit largely due to the impressive line up of entertainers and well known fashion bloggers.

As we found ourselves largely surrounded by abaya, hijab and modest fashion stalls, Muslim By Design stood out with its contemporary, unique and original range of Islamic greeting cards. It helped that our brightly lit setup meant we were hard to miss! We were thrilled with the responses we received from visitors to our stall who had not previously stumbled across our products.

Winter Walk

We also debuted some brand new cards at the expo and these were received mostly with some laughter and appreciative murmurs. The half your deen card, the brainchild of my husband who claims it is based on experience, seemed to ring true with most husbands.

Photo 20-12-2015, 19 00 21

Our Alhamdulillah, it’s a boy/girl cards proved to be just as popular as they are online.

New baby

And all the fun loving hijabis smiled at this one.

Hijabis just wanna have fun

On the day, we were able to meet some of the bloggers who have reviewed our cards including the lovely Nafisa from bamblingsofnaffy as well as Hijabi in London who is just as awesome in real life. So many others we haven’t had a chance to work with stopped by our stall for a chat and we were overwhelmed with all the feedback we received!

Being busy manning our stall meant that we didn’t catch too much of the fashion shows or get to shop around other stalls but I did manage to sneak in some quick purchases from Lucidlure and Samia’s Treasures¬†so check out our Instagram to see what we bought.

Being the first Winter Walk event held by MWE, it was bit rough around the edges and lacked a bit of the professionalism and the chic finish that you would find at bigger and more well known expos. As with most Asian events, punctuality and organisation fell short of the mark and it felt like the organisers were winging it at times. Overall, given that there was no admission charge for attendees and the cost to exhibit wasn’t exorbitant, we felt it was a day reasonably well spent…whether we will be back for the next one remains to be seen.

If you were at the Winter Walk and stopped by our stall, don’t forget the promo code on our website goes live in January so make sure you hold on to it. And if you’ve purchased or received one of our cards, we would love to hear from you so let us know.

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